Product/Slide Rail/ASL-2207GT/2007GT/2208DS/2607GT/2209DS30


ASL-2007GT (20")
ASL-2207GT (22")
ASL-2209DS30 (22" outer, 24" inner, tool-less up to 430mm width)
ASL-2607GT (26")
ASL-D58A26 (26" tool-less, 180 lbs load, 438mm width)

Ultra thin Easy-Mount lock-open-and-close 20" to 26" 3-sections Ball Bearing Slide Rail for 1U to 4U chassis. 20"/22"/26"(L) x 1.58"(H) x 0.37" (9.4mm slide thickness), w/pre-attached mounting brackets or snap-on mounting bracket, mountable to most 1U up chassis with threaded round mounting holes on the chassis side wall(Chenbro, AIC, Akiwa, IStar, CI Design etc.). Mechanical drawings are available upon request.


  • Mountable up to 430mm and 438mm (ASL-D58A26) width chassis with rail brackets mounting before the flange of rack post, or up to 433mm with rail brackets mounting behind.
  • 40.1mm (44.5mm/1.58" height rail members+ mounting bracket attached) rail height provides a wide range of application to either 1U or 2U up chassis.
  • Front activating lock open,quick release latch for easy access and chassis removal.
  • True 26"/22"/20" in length,double folded inner and intermediate slide members provide maximum strength and load rating(up to 100 lbs and 180 lbs for ASL-D58A26)
  • Easy-mount adjustable recessed brackets pre-attached to the slide rail. Huge time saving to mount your chassis on any rack in minutes. RoHs compliant finish (Chrome Trio zinc plating).


  • Adjustable EIA bar nut:(W-229)
  • Screw bag: M5 cage nuts and screws, M4x6 and #10-32 Pan Philips screws.

Test Program:

  • Cycle test-2500 times
  • Static test- 3 hours: 24 hours deflection (within 10mm)




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