Product/Slide Rail/ASL-2001

Installation Guide

ASL-2001 ( w/pull-out lock)

20" heavy-duty slide rail. For 2U to 5U height chassis, 3-sections Ball-Bearing Slide Rail, 20"(L) x 1.79"(H) x 0.5"(Thickness)

More features:

  • Full travel 3-members Heavy-Duty 15 gauge cold-rolled steel inner, intermediate and outer member, compare to third-party's 10-12 gauge steel. Load rating is up to 145 lbs.
  • Ball-bearings intermediate member provides precise linear motion with smooth, silent travel.
  • Lock-open and close to secure the chassis in position for easy access. More tapped screw
    holes for easy mounting the L-brackets directly onto the outer member without the time consuming task of tightening the nuts and screws.
  • W/additional 4.4mm x 45mm slotted holes (2x), mountable to
    most chassis (chassis width< =430mm).
    Inside mount the L-brackets to the rack to gain the maximum opening space for wide enclosure.
  • Standard screws #10-32 & Metric screws M4x6, M5x12 included.
  • Extendable to 32" depth.

    For all 2U-up short chassis (chassis width <430mm)with threaded mounting holes on chassis side wall.


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