Product/Riser Card/ARC1-PELY423-CxV3

ARC1-PERY423-Cx (reversed)
Custom bifurcated/trifurcated riser

PCIe bifurcated/trifurcated riser, split from one PCIe x16 or x8 to dual/triple PCIe x16, fixed or flexible riser for 1U, 2U or custom chassis, either to face over or away from the board.

Riser in fixed or flexbile w/various cable lengths. PCIe 3.0 Gen3 compatible. Use trifurcated riser to split from one x16 lane to three PCIe lanes (x8,x4,x4).
Please verify with us or call your board manufacturer to make sure the board supports bifurcation/trifurcation.

Ordering information:

1) ARC1-PELY428-C5V3(X8 to dual x8 in x4 signal,5cm ribbon to face away the board)
2) ARC1-PELY423-C5V3 (5cm ribbon to face away the board for 1U/2U)
3) ARC1-PELY423-C30V3(30cm ribbon to face away the board)
4) ARC1-PERY423-C5(reversed, 5cm ribbon to face over the board)
5) ARC1-PERY423-C10(reversed, 10cm ribbon to face over the board)
6) ARC1-PERY423-C23(reversed, 23cm ribbon to face over the board)
7) ARC2-PERY422(2U fixed, to face over the board)
8) ARC2-PELY422(2U fixed, to face away the board)
9) ARC2-PERY424NT(fixed, to face over the board, slot hts 1.6")
10)ARC2-PELY429(fixed,to face away the board, slot hts 2", good for slim case)
11)ARC2-PELY435-C5V3(2U flexible,trifurcated to face away the board.
12) Custom any bifurcated/trifurcated riser.


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