ARK-100503 A

2U cantilever fixed 19" component shelf - front mounting 20.5" depth.

ARK-100802TB (W/Track Ball)
ARK-100802TP (W/Touch Pad)

1U 19" slide-out drawer w/keyboard & track Ball or Glidepoint Touch Pad, light-weight aluminum alloy.19"(W) x 11 5/16"(D) x 1.75"(H), good for 2-posts rack and 4-posts rack.


  • 1U Rackmount drawer
  • 109-key keyboard with touch-pad
  • Port: PS/2
  • MTBF:10,000,000 key strokes
  • 19 inches Rack Mountable
  • Working temperature:0~50¢XC
  • Dimensions(W x D x H):483mm x 364mm x 45mm (19" x 14.31" x 1.77")


  • 1U heavy-duty sliding component shelf, 3-sections ball-bearing, lock close & open.
  • 4-post adjustable, 32" max. post-to-post mounting.
  • Shelf depth 19.75"(500mm)
  • Load Rating 145 lbs, 16 gauge cold-rolled steel, black coating.


1U 4-posts mounting heavy-duty adjustable fixed shelf,
shelf depth 27" or 29".



  • Mounting Brackets by pair
  • for 1U chassis mounting on 2-Post Open Rack
  • 44mm(H) x 500mm(D)


19" 1U,2U,3U,4U light-weight solid aluminum blanking panel

SCS-CK-M5 (M5 Cage Nut)
SCS-CK-10-32(#10-32 Cage Nut)
SCS-CK-M6 (M6 cage Nut)
SCS-M5*12-1 (M5 Rack Screw)
(M6 Rack Screw)
M5/M6 x20-30mm Rack screw
#10-32 Pan Head Philip rack screw 3/4" black

M6/M5 Cage Nuts and Stainless Steel Rack Screws w/Washer and Nylon Ring (L=12mm, 100pcs/bag). The unique and the best Rack Screw in the market.

Stainless Steel is anti-corrosive and much more harder than carbon steel to avoid risk of stripped threads of Rack.

Cage Nuts are used for square hole racks. Cage Nut holes must be 3/8" square. #12-24 cage nuts are recommended for most racking applications.
Dell typically uses #10-32 screws, cage nuts, and thumb screws.
HP and Compaq equipment uses M6 metric threads for most rack screws and cage nuts.
2-Posts Telco/Relay racks are typically #12-24 or M5 threads (Cage Nuts not required).
Audio racks commonly use #10-32 threads (Cage Nuts not required).

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